Andrea Cabassi, class of ’75, is a researcher of happiness. Brought up in a small town in the province of Parma with less than one thousand souls, between a bar, a barber’s, a church, a deli and a handful of true friends. Equipped with a science degree; he has always been curious and passionate about traveling and change. During his free time, he read, wrote, played music and theater, photographed, met people, and upcycled furniture. In 2015, he refused an executive position “close to home” to get on a plane and follow his dreams. The first part of his new life was Dubai, but there was more to come.


Oops, he did it again! New life change. This time, he decided to pursue his Great Dream: in 2018 Andrea left for a solo trip. The itinerary took shape day by day as a consequence of his curiosity, instinct, destiny and the people he met. In 300 days he crossed overland, the whole of South America, from South to North, along the Pacific coast, moving by hitchhiking and public transport only. To know what devilry he‘ll be getting up to next, stay up to date with his movements and get inspired, follow him on social media!





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