Coaching – or guidance is a personal development discipline in which a person – a coach – supports a client or student – a coachee – in achieving a specific personal, professional or sporting goal. It’s not a psychological service, nor is it therapy, it consists of a methodology and a philosophy of life.

My professional and non-professional experiences, the choices of great change made and lived, and putting everything at stake in my 40’s despite a chronic disabling disease, have made for an extraordinary life driven by method and awareness.

I’ve chosen to make what I have learnt available to those who are not fully satisfied with their existence, those who wish to identify and/or elaborate on their goals, as well as strengthen their effectiveness.

In short, those who want to feel fuller, happier or more content.


Some examples of goals that life coaching can help you to achieve:

  • change job
  • quit smoking
  • run a marathon
  • lose weight
  • discover your ikigai
  • make an investment
  • etcetera


In short: born in 1975, suffering from ulcerative colitis since 1998, I left Italy at the age of 40 for a managerial position in Dubai and 2 years later, I gave up my career to write, travel and, later on, discovered my vocation for coaching. Click HERE to go to the complete biography.


With over 15 years in the corporate world both in Italy and abroad, concentrated on project management, I have been able to acquire specific skills and a focused approach in achieving the objectives that I’ve applied to my life changes.

Specific experience and education allowed me to achieve the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification issued by the Project Management Institute – the world’s leading authority in the sector.

In addition, as of June 2019 I’m a certified coach according to the Wave method provided by Gap Training. Their method is based on emotional intelligence, defined as the ability to integrate thoughts and emotions to make decisions and make optimal and sustainable choices over time. It’s a concept that also equips us to stop lying to ourselves and start rowing in the direction that makes us happy.


The constant search for my ikigai – the reason of my existence, which is the combination of what I love, what I’m able to do, what the world needs and what someone is willing to pay me for – led me to undertake spiritual paths of various kinds: family constellations, yoga, 5 rhythms dance, meditation, ayahuasca, shamanic breath work.

I’m convinced that in addition to experience and method, it’s essential to work on the identity level of our self. I’ve a scientific background, therefore I’m a skeptic by nature. If I don’t perceive something or it’s not demonstrated to me, I find it hard to believe it exists. And yet, I’m deeply benefiting from the world of spirituality. Sometimes I’m not clear what its origin is, but I’m also pragmatic: if a practice makes me feel better and has no side effects, I continue, and vice versa.

My life experiences, the method acquired thanks to the corporate career and the Wave certification, as well as the awareness gained – which evolves daily – thanks to travel and spiritual paths, constitute a very powerful and effective mix.

Apply for an introductive session with Andrea by clicking here.

I’ll answer your doubts and after hearing your story, I’ll determine whether your case is suitable for the coaching path I offer.

IMPORTANT: coaching CANNOT be used as replacement therapy in the case of psychological problems, mental illnesses or illnesses related to personality disorders.



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