«I feel like I’ve realised a lifelong dream.»

In 2018 I finally found the strenght to make my big dream come true. The romantic idea was a round-the-world trip, as I like to say. However, I simply wanted to leave with a one way ticket and make my way by events, encounters, curiosity and instinct. The result was an overland trip through South America, which I crossed entirely from south to north in 299 days, by foot, hitch-hiking and public transport. An extraordinary experience which completely repaid the risk I decided to take by quitting my job. I had learnt the criminal trade of employment, where you exchange the freedom of the best years of your life with pieces of paper (money) to buy, after a few decades, the old age freedom (retirement). I ignored what my future was going to look like, and now nobody can take this amazing experience away from me. My bet is already won.

I have collected in this video clip  the most significant pictures of my adventure, intentionally alternating high quality snapshots and blurred selfies that immortalize moments to remember with a smile.

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