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«Traveling to Dubai? Yes, especially if you visit a friend who takes you off the beaten track.»

I designed this video reel specifically for anyone who downloaded the free excerpt of “Let me insist”. You got exclusive access to this with your link.
I could never have imagined relocating to Dubai, yet I lived there for two years between 2015 and 2017. It’s a strange city full of contrasts and extremely multicultural; a city where the amount of fun I had far exceeded my expectations. In Dubai, it’s normal to dine with a group of friends of different nationalities, ethnicities and religions. You feast your eyes on buldingins that the mind couldn’t have previously imagined, endless stretches of sand, a sun kissing you lightly in winter and melting you to the core in summer. Next door to Dubai, a country which charmed me – the Sultanate of Oman. I’ve intentionally chosen a mix of good pictures and blurred selfies, keeping the great moments alive, preferring situations alternative to the glitz and glamour that people normally expect of Dubai.

Enjoy it and grazie!

If you are interested in hosting a presentation of “Let me insist” and/or the tale of
Andrea’s 300 day South American adventure, contact via me@andreacabassi.com