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Andrea Cabassi


Born in 1975 in Parma, I’m a former manager of a multinational company. I specialized in Project Management. But today, I am a life coach, traveler, and writer. Since 1998 I suffer from ulcerative colitis, a chronic autoimmune bowel disease cataloged among the so-called "invisible disabilities."

In 2015, at 40 years old, career at its peak, and life as scripted, I wasn't feeling serene. Stuck between social expectations - study, get a job, get married, prolific - despite the disease, I dropped everything to get on a plane and follow "what my gut told me."

The result was a journey with my illness, a bag of medication, and the rest of the world, overland. When the adventure was over, I chose to play it all out and not return to the corporate world. So, I spent four months in Sicily to write and attend a life coaching school. Now I'm here, often still on the road, ready to empower you for the life transformation you desire.

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There are no recipes for happiness, but there is the possibility of using the tools and skills we have at our disposal to take the courage to pursue a goal of change, taking calculated risks. Click, from the statements below, on the one that best represents you right now.



Coaching is a methodology of personal development in which a coach supports a client in identifying and achieving a personal, professional, or sporting goal. It is not a psychological service, much less a therapy, but it comprises a methodology and a life approach.

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Learn how to live abroad, how to take a sabbatical, or how to change your life. Living abroad, going on a sabbatical trip (taking a prolonged break from work to travel), or finding the courage to change your life are incredible goals but particularly complicated to achieve. Mitigating the associated risks is fundamental for optimal results.

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Let Me Insist
I changed my life at 40

“While you’re postponing, life speeds by.” Seneca, Moral Letters to Lucilius

Let Me Insist is a book where I tell my story of how I gave up everything for a job in Dubai at 40 years old and suffering from Ulcerative Colitis.

This book shares with you my journey of change, my fears, and how I faced them. It is to encourage you if you also have the desire to change your life.

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    These are reviews of people close to me, clients, and others, who for one reason or the other have found themselves walking a piece of their road with me, and for this, I thank them.