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Move abroad, change your life, or take a sabbatical

Learn how to live abroad, how to take a sabbatical, or how to change your lifestyle while mitigating related risks.

Living abroad, going on a vacation (taking a break from work to travel), or finding the courage to change your life are incredible goals but particularly complicated to achieve. Mitigating the associated risks is fundamental for optimal results.

Through a specialized consultancy and personal development session, taking into account only the real needs of each, it is possible to:

– be aware of all aspects to be considered
– find the optimal solution for each of them
– have a method to keep them under control

The advice of those who have successfully done what you want to do:

– speeds up the process
– reduces the possibility of making mistakes
– gives you an overview of all aspects to be considered
– helps you find the courage to overcome the fears that are blocking you
– limits the probability of omitting vital actions
– saves you money
– help you find the right solutions

Moving abroad, going on sabbaticals, or embarking on a life-changing journey often go hand in hand.
Because, as it was for me, you could use the former to accumulate the money and experience needed to accomplish the latter.

What are the aspects to consider?

Current prices

Consulting 30'

  • Satisfied or refunded
  • Discount on next purchase

Consulting 1h

  • Satisfied or refunded
  • 5% off on next purchase

Consulting 1h30'

  • Satisfied or refunded
  • 10% off on next purchase

Still doubting?

In consultation, I’m available to clarify your doubts about life change, expatriation, and sabbatical. You decide what to ask me and how many sessions to purchase. Depending on the number of questions and their complexity, one session will be sufficient, or several sessions will be necessary. If you are interested in consultation or counselling about transforming your life, then you are on the right page

Coaching is a process that takes place over multiple sessions, usually 10, and loses effectiveness if not completed. You identify the goal you wish to achieve and then work towards that goal, using exercises and homework. All of this takes place under my guidance: as I like to say, I'm the one who asks you the right questions to guide you. If you are interested in coaching, go up to the Coaching page.

Because I learned from my own experience, and not just theory. I've made good choices and made mistakes, learning from them and taking the necessary corrective action. I make this experience available to those pursuing similar goals.

Then, if you've ended up on this page, there's probably something about my personal story that resonates with you. 🙂

I'll give you some practical examples: you might learn what aspects to consider when choosing a country to move to, how to handle the fear of running out of money, how to overcome the unknown of "after," what insurance to take out and how to choose it, how to budget for a sabbatical, how to manage relationships with important people in your life during the stages of change, etc.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Consider this a non-exhaustive list as these are vast topics! And the questions to ask me are your choice.

The sessions take place only online via Zoom.

I can give consultations in Italian, English, or Spanish. I'm gearing up for Portuguese, but it will take some more practice. 🙂

For me, ethics is a core value. If I were to take money from anyone I could get my hands on, I would have a short life as a life transformation consultant. From the information provided in the free call, if I realize I can't be useful to you, I will decline the assignment.