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About me

Nice to meet you. My name is Andrea Cabassi, as I think you can guess from the name of the site and other references scattered all over the place. I was born in Parma in 1975 and, until a few years ago, I was a manager in a multinational company with specific experience in Project Management.

Since 1998 I suffer from ulcerative colitis, a chronic autoimmune bowel disease cataloged among the so-called "invisible disabilities." Pills, suppositories, colonoscopies - a decent pain in the ass.

I am a scientist, a food technologist precisely. I've always been passionate about travel, change and curiosity I've acted in plays, played music, created furniture, photographed, written piece. Just name it, I've done it. I needed to compensate for the lack of creativity at work.

In 2015, at 40 years old, with a well-established career and a life within the parameters of happy normalcy, I wasn't feeling accomplished. Stuck between social expectations - study, get a job, get married, being prolific, and all. Despite the illness, I gave up everything to get on a plane and follow "what my gut told me."

The first stage of my new life was a job in Dubai which soon turned out to be a prelude to the real, inner metamorphosis. Coming to that change and living it was astonishing but very difficult (I cried a lot). So, I decided to write a book about it entitled "Let Me Insist – I Changed My Life At 40" with a belief it might be useful to some other "restless" souls.

After the change

After the change, I was more aware, and I found the courage to quit my job and use my savings to realize my big dream; to leave with a one-way ticket and slowly let myself get carried away by events, encounters, curiosity, and instinct.

The result was a journey together with my disease, a bag of medications, and the rest of the world, overland, in South America, which I crossed from south to north in 299 days, on foot, hitchhiking, and by public transport.

When the adventure was over, I chose to play it all out, that is, never to return to the corporate world again. So, I went into action to generate a sufficient and ethical income to support my new lifestyle. I then spent 4-month in Sicily writing and attending a life coaching school.

Between 2019 and 2020, I explored Southeast Asia for eight and a half months until the Covid-19 emergency forced me to return to Europe. In the fall of 2020, I embarked on and completed the Camino de Santiago.

I now base in Portugal, but tomorrow, I don’t know.

The Journey, the Illness, the Coaching…

Now I’m here, still traveling often, living with my shingle, and ready to provide you with the tools to empower you to live your dreams.

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