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Let me insist
I changed my life at 40

You can change yours as well.

What if I tell you there is still time to change your life?

In my book “Let me insist – I changed my life at 40,” I told my true story – One year and a half of my life in which, at 40 years old and suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, I gave up everything for a job in Dubai.

I wrote the book to share with you my journey of change, my fears, and how I faced them, to encourage you and give you confidence if you have the desire to change your life but:

  • you think you are too old
  • you are scared
  • you don’t know where to start
  • you don’t know how to stop living the life that others have written for you
  • you fear the reaction of your loved ones
  • you feel blocked by a pathology
  • and much more…

What can you learn
through this book?

Yes, great to read, but what can you learn from reading the book? They’re

  • What made me overcome my fear of change
  • why age is just a number
  • why it’s okay not to give a shit about the script that others have written for your life
  • how to shake off social expectations (study, get a job, get married, prolific, etc.)
  • the inner turmoil generated by complex decisions
  • what happens magically from the moment you decide to change
  • why change, if you feel the need, is a must even if apparently, you lack nothing
  • if you don’t change, you’ll never know what you’re missing
  • how my love life has changed
  • how the Arab world is different from what we heard about it in Europe
  • why expatriation is spectacular (but what disadvantages it entails)
  • and many more…

Watch the official trailer
of the book

The book is like a dinner invitation, with each course representing a phase in my story of change.

Living spaces in Dubai

If you’re still in doubt:

You risk missing out on an interesting read. That's not me saying it, but the positive reviews on Amazon. And you'll probably grow a nipple on your forehead. 🙂

It happens is that you download the excerpt, and that's it.

You can insult me 🙂

Jokes aside, it would be helpful for me to know: there's always room for improvement. I believe in feedbacks.

No. The extract is a secure PDF. All your digital devices can sleep soundly (and so can you).

You can read it in 2-3 hours. Some people read it all in a go. 🙂

Download the book excerpt

Enter your name and your Email in the form below, then click on “Send me the free excerpt”.
You will get an Email containing the link to download the first 52 pages of “Let Me Insist”.