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Traveling, my great passion

Traveling is encoded in my DNA. In this section I would like to share the most significant shots of years of discovering the world. I’ve included both quality shots and blurry selfies that capture moments to remember with a smile. Undoubtedly the two trips to Southeast Asia and South America, of 9 and 10 months respectively, represented the realization of a dream. To make them come true required a radical change of mindset, which led me to live in Dubai, where I was able to save the necessary money.

Nine months of Southeast Asia

In July 2019, not satisfied with the adventure in South America, I left for Southeast Asia, again with a one-way ticket. The first stop was Indonesia, where I stayed for 4 months, followed by Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, before the Covid-related pandemic forced me to return to Europe in March 2020. If the trip to South America was a sabbatical, this one to Southeast Asia was the first stage of my life as a coach. I was in fact on the island of Karimunjawa (Indonesia) when I held my first session via Skype.

Through South America

In 2018, I finally found the strength to realize the big dream: to leave with a one-way ticket and let myself be carried away by events, encounters, curiosity and instinct. The result was an overland journey through South America, which I entirely traversed from south to north in 299 days, on foot, hitchhiking and by public transportation. An amazing experience, it has more than repaid the risk I chose to take by leaving my corporate career. I don’t know what my future will be, but no one can take that away from me. My bet is already won.

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